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11 Sep

Our Design Philosophy - Ventilit

Our Design Philosophy - Ventilit

Your needs and your dreams are what inspire us at The Wadhwa Group. We design to celebrate space, comfort and safety with no compromise whatsoever. Our philosophy of VENTILIT* borrows from nature's choicest elements of air, height and light and is exclusive to our group. We believe that meticulous planning is more important than a striking elevation. That's precisely the reason why we lay emphasis on building homes that are in harmony with the sun's path and the wind's direction. Not just that, the greater floor to ceiling height makes the apartments more spacious & elegant. Our uncompromising investment in raw materials, coupled with a practical design philosophy, promises maximum safety and minimum maintenance. A world where thoughtful designs elevate life experiences and homes celebrate life itself.

VENTILIT is The Wadhwa Group’s proprietary design concept that maximizes air height and light in every apartment.


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